Speaketh: An attestation-based social app

Speaketh is a demo application for building a decentralized social network and graph. At its core, Speaketh showcases a simple yet profound idea: every social interaction we engage in today, be it a post, like, reply, follow, reshare, or even a simple name change, can be viewed as an attestation.

Why is it Unique? :star2:
Click on the “shield” icon on any post in Speaketh, and you’ll uncover a world of referenced attestations working together. It’s a real-time representation of attestations made using various schemas like ‘Post’ & ‘Like’. It’s like peeling back the curtain on a social network and seeing the raw, decentralized data that powers it.

Imagine a future where UIs are crafted from this attestation data. Developers can adapt specific schemas or filter content and community members to create unique experiences. The possibilities are endless, and Speaketh is just the beginning intended to inspire.

This demo app is currently on Sepolia, and we have thoughts on enabling more offchain attestation use cases that are secured with sybil resistance mechanisms.

Join the Conversation! :microphone:
We’re thrilled about Speaketh, but it’s just a starting point. We want to hear from YOU. Got ideas? Feedback? Wild visions of the future of decentralized social networks? Share them with us!