MetIRL: Attest to who you meet in real life was a quick hackathon project we put together before ETHGlobal Waterloo. We wanted a sample repository and application to show engineers how EAS works.

What is it?
It’s a simple way to attest to the people you meet in real life (IRL) and allow them to make a referenced attestation that you did in fact meet each other.

Genuine face-to-face interactions have become even more valuable. We wanted to create a bridge between the digital and physical worlds, ensuring that real-life interactions in the Web3 community are recognized and valued.

It’s not another social network, but rather a tool to build an authentic social graph of Web3 enthusiasts who have genuinely crossed paths. Imagine using this data to create exclusive experiences with Guild or enhance sybil resistance mechanisms, like with Gitcoin Passport.

How does it work?
Simply connect your social wallet and attest to the address of someone you meet in person. You can also allow them to scan your QR code.

It’s simple. Connect your social wallet and attest to the address of someone you’ve met in person. Or, let them scan your QR code. This action triggers a “metIRL” attestation, a boolean field. The attester confirms this as true. When the receiving address connects, they’ll see a list of attestations. If accurate, they click ‘Confirm’, creating a referenced attestation. Once both parties confirm, a verified green checkmark appears, signifying the authenticity of the interaction.

Example: Let’s say Alice and Bob meet at a Web3 conference. Alice connects her wallet to and attests that she met Bob by inputting his address. Bob, upon checking his account, sees Alice’s attestation. Knowing it’s accurate, he confirms it. Now, both their profiles show a verified interaction, a green checkmark, symbolizing their real-life connection.

We’re excited about the potential of, but it’s just the beginning. As an open-source repo, we’re eager to see how the community can extend its capabilities or even craft new two-way confirmation social graphs. Dive in, explore, and let’s make Web3 interactions more genuine together.