Attestation Trigger Words

It’s always good to help with some thought starters when deciding what to build. Here are a few trigger questions that might spark your next idea and how attestations might help you!

  • Verifying: Confirming the authenticity of a product or the accuracy of information.
  • Vouching: Endorsing someone’s skills, experience, or character.
  • Voting: Recording preferences or decisions in elections or community polls.
  • Proving: Demonstrating ownership of assets, completion of tasks, or attainment of milestones.
  • Authenticating: Establishing the genuineness of an item, artwork, or collectible.
  • Certifying: Validating completion of courses, training, or adherence to standards.
  • Endorsing: Publicly supporting or recommending a product, service, or individual.
  • Validating: Confirming the legitimacy of a claim, be it health records, financial status, or any other data.
  • Recording: Keeping a digital note of events, achievements, or incidents.
  • Witnessing: Attesting to the occurrence of an event, action, or decision.
  • Guaranteeing: Assuring the quality, durability, or performance of a product or service.
  • Declaring: Making a formal or official statement about a fact, intention, or belief.
  • Confirming: Corroborating an event, transaction, or activity.
  • Securing: Ensuring the safety, privacy, or confidentiality of data or actions.
  • Identifying: Establishing the identity or characteristics of an individual, organization, or item.

What else are we missing? What would you change or add?