About the Schema Coordination category

Build amazing schemas for your use case, together.

This is the place to propose, discuss, and refine schemas for the Ethereum Attestation Service. To ensure clarity and consistency, we use the RFS (Request For Schema) nomenclature. Each schema proposal should be titled “RFS-XXXX: [Short Description of the Schema]”.

Posting Guidelines:

  1. Title Format: “RFS-XXXX: [Short Description of the Schema]”. The “XXXX” should be a unique number for each proposal. You can use the next available number in sequence.
  2. Content Structure:
  • Abstract: A brief summary of the schema’s purpose and its significance.
  • Motivation: Explain the need for this schema. Why is it important? How does it benefit the EAS ecosystem? How should it get used?
  • Specification: Detailed description of the schema. This should include all necessary technical details, data structures, and any other relevant information. This should provide an example.
  • Use Cases: Provide examples of how this schema can be used in real-world scenarios.
  • Backward Compatibility: Discuss any issues related to backward compatibility with existing schemas or systems.
  • Test Cases: If possible, provide test cases or scenarios to validate the schema’s functionality.
  • Implementation: Any reference implementations or code snippets that help in understanding or adopting the schema.
  • References: Link to any relevant documents, discussions, or resources related to the schema.
  1. Feedback: Encourage constructive feedback. Remember, the goal is to refine and improve the schema for the benefit of the entire community.

  2. Updates: If you make significant changes to your proposal based on feedback, please update the original post and add a note at the end indicating what has been changed.

  3. Status: Indicate the current status of the proposal. For example:

  • Draft: Initial proposal, open for discussion.
  • Accepted: The schema has been accepted by the community and is considered a standard.
  • Rejected: The schema has been rejected after discussion.
  • Superseded: Another schema has replaced this proposal.